A Word in Cleaning Roller Shutters in Perth

Published: 10th June 2011
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Roller shutters and security shutters are common sights in many Perth residences as these serve as sturdy and reliable garage doors. If you're a Perth resident, you're probably among the many that have either neglected or have totally forgotten that their garage doors eventually need maintenance. While you may sulk and feel guilty about this, it's time to get up and perform what's necessary by doing the following steps.

Test the doors

If your roller shutters or security shutters function via remote control, then get the remote control and point it at the roller shutters. Perth homeowners should then try opening and closing the shutters several times to see how it functions. Note if there are any delay or jerky movement from the shutter because this can show possible wear and tear. Delayed opening or closing along with jerky movements could mean that there is some problem with the door itself or its motor.

Prepare the necessary materials

If you're planning to do a full inspection and repair later on, then it's best to have the materials with you when you test your roller doors or security shutters. Perth house owners should have materials such as torch, oil, rags, screwdriver, an automotive degreaser, and a soft paintbrush. You will need these materials as you inspect your door, its hinges, motor, and track. The torch will be useful in case you need additional lighting especially when you need to inspect the door track and hinges. The degreaser, paintbrush, and oil will come in handy as you remove grit, clean dirty areas, and oil the parts mentioned, while the screwdriver will be practical to loosen or tighten screws along the way.

Take heed on other aspects

In case you're also planning to do something about the paintwork, you might also want to get some paint to use after you have cleaned the security shutters. Perth homeowners should remember to use paint that will match your door's type and colour. For instance, if your door is made of steel, use paint that will go with steel because you don't want to get paint that will have adverse effects on your doors. If your shutter is in a certain shade of red, for example, then get paint in that exact shade; otherwise you'll end up with a door that will look lighter or darker in some parts.

Another important thing to note is if you're thinking of troubleshooting the motor of these roller shutters, Perth clients with a knack for some electrical work can probably do this on their own if they have the manual. Others who have little or no experience in handling motors should probably just call professionals so they don't do any further damage on the shutters or on themselves.

The said steps are there as a guide to help homeowners deal with their security or roller shutters. Perth clients who feel that they could do the maintenance work on their own should always remember to practice caution by wearing safety gloves and safety glasses as they work. If you've read the article and don't feel that you have the skills for the job, it's okay to admit this so you can contact garage door professionals to do the work for you.

Jacob Price is a freelance security consultant who regularly holds seminars on home security, and emphasizes the safety offered by various roller shutters Perth has and different security shutters Perth can provide.

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